Occupational Gaps Questionnaire (OGQ)

The assessment ”Occupational Gaps Questionnaire (OGQ)” can facilitate gathering information about, and understanding the client’s situation with respect to daily occupations. OGQ measures:

  1. to what extent an individual performs activities he or she wants to perform, and
  2. to what extent the same individual does not perform activities he or she does not want to perform. The assessment is designed as a self-report inventory in which clients fill in the instrument independently. The assessment is best used early in the contact with a client as support for formulating the goals of an intervention. OGQ has been used by occupational therapists in research and clinical work. The assessment can be used for adults with disabilities as well as persons who are in close contact with persons with disabilities. Based on the testing already carried out on the assessment, it is most likely that the assessment should work regardless of the client’s disability. The information collected by the assessment gives an overview of the clients’ perceptions of their participation in their everyday occupations.