Competence development

In the Swedish Association of Occupational Therapist’s vision, knowledge based occupational therapy, is recognized as leading to a society characterized by equality and sustainability. It is of great importance in the Association’s efforts towards achieving this vision that we are able to describe and communicate expertise held in the profession.

The purpose of competence descriptions is to clarify for employers, politicians and the general public what demands they can place on occupational therapists practicing their profession. They should be regarded as dynamic documents that need to be updated and revised continuously. Read more in the Competence Descriptions for Occupational Therapists.

The Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists has a Scholarship Fund since 1976, which has been able to support around 200 projects. The funds can be used for research and further education in the occupational therapy field in Sweden.

In 2010 the association established a Grant award in the name of Inga-Britt Lindström, who was President of the association in 1970-2008. The grant is offered to individuals or teams from countries where occupational therapy is under development. The closing date for application is 1 October every year.

To make it possible for our members to follow the research going on in occupational therapy, they get the scientific and international Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy (SJOT) as a membership benefit. The journal was started in 1994 on the initiative of the Swedish association together with the other Nordic occupational therapy associations.

The Swedish Association Academy

During the fall of 2017 the Swedish Association introduces a digital learningplattform called the Academy. The aim is to create better and more equal opportunities for development of competence and lifelong learning for all members of The Swedish Occupational Therapy Association for professional development as well as union-related matters, effectively acquire new knowledge and develop competencies and skills.

Through the Acadamy occupational therapist in Sweden are offered online-courses, communication platforms for networking blende learning and traditional classroom courses.