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The Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists

The Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists is an independent, non-political and non-denominational association of occupational therapists. Our organisation, which is both a professional organisation and a trade union, handles professional and training issues, monitors pertinent political developments, salaries, collective agreements, and questions related to professional development and formation of public opinion. Together with 22 professional organisations, we are a member of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations - Saco.

On 1 January 2016, we had 10 279 members, of whom about 1 000 were students. Only 5% were male, meaning there is a strong female overrepresentation. Nearly 90% of Sweden's occupational therapists are members of the Association, perhaps because the strength of our organisation is based upon professional fellowship and the competent representation of its members.

The General Council, which is our top decision-making body, meets every third year. Between General Council meetings, the Association Board is responsible for managing the running of the Association. The Board consists of the Association chairperson and eleven delegates, of whom one is a student representative.

We have a regional/local substructure consisting of 24 local branches, each with its own board. Each local branch elects local wage negotiators, quality representatives and information officers. The student organisation, Sveriges Arbetsterapeutstudenter, has its own board and chairperson.

Professional issues are important parts of our activities. Courses, seminars and national conferences on professional topics of interest and concern to its members form a vital part of the Association's activities designed to maintain and enhance professional competence. We publish research reports and monographs and assist in the development of assessment and evaluation instruments.

We are a member of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) and the Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries (COTEC). We also collaborate closely with the other Scandinavian occupational therapist organisations, who jointly publish a scientific journal, Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy.

Contact us

Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists (Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter)
Planiavägen 13, Box 760, S-131 24 Nacka, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 466 24 40, Fax: +46 8 466 24 24
E-mail: kansli@arbetsterapeuterna.se
Website: www.arbetsterapeuterna.se

Ansvarig för sida:

Vera Songer 
Förbundet Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter

International Secretary

Uppdaterad: 2016-07-26

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